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Research Toolbox

Tools you will need to take advantage of the resources and services offered by WCSU Libraries:

  1. WestConnect Card - This is your university ID card.  Your student identification number is encoded in the card, but is not printed on the card itself for your security.  You will need this card to check out books from WCSU Libraries, obtain a Windows account, and PRINT in the libraries and computer labs. 

  2. Windows Account - Every registered student is eligible to obtain a special Windows account, allowing access to networked computers on campus and to space for storing documents on the University's H drive. This will also serve as your log in account for off-campus access to the library databases (articles).

  3. Alternative Authentication - There is a second path for authentication when accessing databases from off campus if your Windows account did not work using your student ID and Library PIN (see below).

    • Student Identification Number - This is the same number as your Banner ID Number.  Make sure you know this number or carry it with you in a secure place.  It can also be found on official documents such as your course schedule issued by the Registrar. (starts with 50...)

    • Library PIN - The Library PIN is a password of your choosing that you can set in the library catalog ( When accessing databases from off campus, the system will prompt you to enter your student identification number (see above) and this PIN before you start searching.  The Library PIN and Internet access are all you need to obtain full text research articles from home!

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