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Resources, news, and information about the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.


Welcome to the resource page for WCSU's Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching! 
The tabs at the top of the page give you access to various types of resources and information on how to utilize them.

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Leslie Lindenauer, Ph.D
Associate Professor, History and Non-Western Cultures

office:  Warner 218
phone:  (203) 837-9046



The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) will be the focus for programs and services which will promote excellence in teaching and learning at Western Connecticut State University. To achieve this mission, the Center will both utilize and enhance faculty knowledge and skills, collaborate with other resources across the university, and draw upon regional and national resources.

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The Teaching Professor


Advisory Board 2014-2015

Dean:   Dan Goble

IT&I Rep:  Stephen Veillette

Library Rep: Veronica Kenausis 2014-2016

Elected Teaching Faculty:

Linda Forbes  (A) 2013-15

Jessica Eckstein (A&S) 2013-15

Patricia Ivry (PS) 2013-15

Timothy Wiggins (V&PA) 2014-2016

Appointed At-Large Faculty:

Ruth Gyure 2014-1416

Alba Skar Hawkins 2014-16

Robin James 2014-16

SGA Student Rep TBD

From the Director


203.837.9100 (Haas) | 181 White Street, Danbury, CT 06810 | 203.837.9139 (Young)